Remote Support

Remote Support

With our secure online access software we can access your PC or Laptop wherever you are. Each time you have a problem you can give us a unique one time access code so we can help you through your difficulties.

Computer Servicing

From time to time your computer gets clogged up and runs slow, we can remotely clean up and speed up your system, removing unwanted stuff and making sure no harmful software is holding you back.

Installation & Software Errors

Are you having problems installing certain software, or perhaps you have installed software, which has had unexpected side effects or caused conflicts with existing software? We can help with all general software problems and with any issues relating to Windows updates, etc.

Software Updates 

More and more people are working from home accessing vital work information, It is all the more important to ensure your machines are up to date with all the protection required to keep you safe.

Virus or Spyware Removal

Virus and spyware attacks are becoming more frequent and more serious. They can be amongst the hardest computer problems to deal with. You may need professional help to clear the virus and to repair the damage it might have done. We can install free anti-virus software and also advise about firewalls and other methods of protection.